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Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P Fosroc Waterproofing Burning Membrane

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05 Sep 2023
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Specification of Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P Fosroc Waterproofing Burning Membrane

Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P is a fire-applied waterproofing membrane made on modified asphalt reinforced with polyester which provides good waterproofing properties.

Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P

Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P is a waterproofing membrane in sheet form made of modified bitumen. Available in 3 mm and 4 mm thickness and reinforced with non woven polyester bone fiber, applied by burning.

Get original Fosroc waterproofing products only at PT. Inori Indonesia is in the midst of many low quality imported goods being sold at low prices lately. we are committed and proven to provide the best quality in addition to the price, the best fosroc technical solutions or services for our customers whether for residential building projects or commercial buildings. If there is something that is certain and reliable, why try something else.

PT. Inori Indonesia always maintains results and prioritizes product quality over price. This makes it more durable and can be used for a long time. PT. Inori Indonesia is ready to supply, sending FOSROC products to projects throughout Indonesia.

The products sold are all SNI standards, so they are safe and of course durable. Compared to products sold elsewhere, of course forced labor is far superior. If you have any questions about this product, don't hesitate to contact the PT team. Inori Indonesia, we are happy to help you.

Specifications of Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P

-Dimension: 3mm – 4mm

- Unit: Meter

- Weight: 5kg

Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P App

- Concrete roof and floor slab

- Underground tank

- Car park deck slabs

- Concrete retaining structure

- Tunnels and subways

Benefits of Proofex Torchseal 3P & 4P

- High strength reinforcement provides excellent resistance to leakage

- Easily torch applied

- Binds well with substrate

- Easy to shape according to the contour

Contact us immediately to get detailed information and to get the best price quote from us.

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